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Withdrawal and Deposit Requirements of Cookie Casino

Cookie Casino online

Making your first deposit and withdrawing your winnings from CookieCasino is a very straightforward process. You simply need to register with an account and add in your payment details. However, there are some conditions to making deposits and withdrawals when you want to win bonuses. These conditions are explained below.

Cookie Casino Deposit Process

You can get started with Cookie Casino with a cash deposit of as low as $5. When you make a large deposit, the platform rewards you with a bonus covering 100% of your first deposit value. 

In order to receive the bonus, make sure you use the right bonus codes beforehand. For the first deposit bonus, you must enter the Code “CAKE” to redeem the bonus. It’s important to remember that 100% bonuses are only available for a larger sum of deposits, at least up to $20. 

A deposit of $100 will come with greater benefits as your entire $100 value will be recovered with the bonus. Bigger deposits are also rewarded with 120 free spins, which can be used to win cash prizes. 

You can still claim a bonus if your first deposit is up to $20. But the bonus is only 50% of your total deposit’s value. The bonus cannot be directly withdrawn. Users must play a few games before the winnings and bonuses can be successfully taken out of their accounts. 

You can also win a bonus for your second deposit. To do so, you must make a large deposit and enter the code “SWEET” to redeem the bonus. The second bonus also comes with 50 free spins. 

Payment and Currency Requirements

Cookie Casino

Before depositing or withdrawing money, you must select a suitable payment method. Most popular options include credit or debit cards and other bank payments. 

You can also deposit and withdraw money into your digital or crypto wallets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you prefer instant payment, Crypto Wallets may be the best option. 

Withdrawal Requirements

You must understand that withdrawals require sufficient proof of identity to help the platform prevent fraud and misuse. Since two accounts by the same person or the same IP address are not allowed, proof of identity is essential to maintain fairness. 

To provide proof, you must state your real name and passport number when logging in. Once Cookie Casino thoroughly checks all the verification documents, you will be able to redeem your winnings and bonus value. 

Make sure to deliver valid and authentic documents to ensure your verification process is quick and hassle-free. 

The platform allows withdrawal through a wide variety of payment methods, including credit cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, and many other digital Wallets. You can also set up different payment methods for withdrawal and depositing money if you don’t want to receive it in the same wallet. In some cases, the user only wants to withdraw a specific amount of money and not the entire balance. 

You can do this by simply specifying the desired withdrawal amount when checking out.

Posted on May 28, 2022 in Online Gambling by Adam Weeks

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