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20Bet and Mobile Betting – All you need to know


Before the launch of 20Bet mobile application, betting right through your mobile device was considered severely dangerous. The sole reason behind this was the series of phishing and hacking attempts on mobile devices that were accessing the sites through mobile browsers.

But with the launch of 20Bet mobile betting specific module, you can bet on your luck with ease you wish you had earlier. Truly, it is that much simple.

Providing the right info

Before you head right to the 20Bet website to download the mobile application, there are something you need to focus on strictly. When signing up for an account, you need to provide the right details no matter. Not doing so can end up raising a lot of legal battles for you if any kind of fraudulent activity is found by the platform.

The platform is super strict in this regard and there is no way you will be able to retrieve your login info and account balance this way. So, dropping the idea of making multiple fake accounts will be the best thing to do right now.

Following a step-by-step account creation guide

We can already tell that you are super excited after hearing about the amazing features offered by 20Bet. But in order to access the full potential of the site, you need a 20Bet account. The first thing you need to do in this regard is to click on sign up.

Once that’s done, the platform will ask you to provide information that will be kept in private between you and the platform. If everything matches up, you will be notified in a few hours. You can then make a deposit in your account for the very first time and start betting with 20Bet.

Exclusive bonuses

20Bet betting

For the mobile betting enthusiast, the platform offers special bonuses both on sign-ups and regular bets. This is an initiative take by 20Bet to promote mobile betting as it is way more convenient for the user as compared to the regular betting.

The exclusive bonuses even allow the users to use the 100% bonus amount for their betting tactics. But yes, you can’t withdraw the refund that you got for betting in the first place. 20Bet usually allows exclusive bonuses for the players that comply with the platform regulations from day 1.

24/7 customer support

Just imagine, you have won the biggest bet of your life. You are all excited to withdraw all the funds but the platform ask you to verify in person that you are willing to withdraw the fund. You call the customer care helpline but no one picks up the call.

An event like this can definitely shatter your confidence in the betting platform. That’s why, 20Bet offers 24/7 customer support to the players and better from all around the globe. No matter when you call or why you call, the customer support agent will help you out no matter what.

Final Note

Ready to try out your luck with 20Bet mobile betting module? That’s great! Sign-up today and get amazing discounts for your first deposit as well. Happy betting!

Posted on June 25, 2022 in Tips by Adam Weeks

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