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Online Betting Growth: From Mobile To Crypto To Esports

Crypto To Esports

Mobile Segment Growth Worldwide

Online mobile gaming accounted for 67 percent of the entire world gambling industry in 2021. According to Gambling Craft research, a profound iGambling company, the traffic mobilization trend continues to gain momentum. The number of mobile users is predicted to grow by 12 percent in the near future.

There is an interesting peculiarity: downloadable betting applications are more popular in comparison with adaptive browser versions of websites; every year the number of such applications is increasing.

The Most Promising Mobile Trends For Betting Operators Are:

  • adapting apps for voice assistants;
  • maximum personalization of offers based on the user data analysis;
  • more control of betting limits and time spent on gaming;
  • addition of new communication channels for communication between the institution and customers;
  • tighter interaction with social platforms and messengers.
  • transition to a mobile format gives bookmakers access to new markets expansion;
  • an option to process traffic from the regions where gambling is prohibited;
  • optimization and personalization of gambling to the most possible extent; 
  • multiple increases of the data processing speed.

Rapid Development Of The Esports Industry

Esports Industry

After the cancellation of traditional sporting events in 2020, the focus of bookmakers shifted to online cyber sports disciplines. In 2019, the market share was only $7 billion. By the end of 2020, the total turnover of the eSports sector grew to $14 billion. The total number of bets on cyber sports events increased by 60 percent.

Rise Of Esports
New audience growth. In recent years there has been a “rejuvenation” of the audience. Today the client base of online bookmakers consists mainly of people aged 25-34. Their interests are not limited to traditional sports and are closely connected with the computer games industry.

Industry’s speeding up. Nowadays mobile cyber sport is gaining momentum. Back in 2019, the number of views of PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire broadcasts exceeded the number of views of Dota 2 tournaments.

Building a strong infrastructure. A new generation of cyber facilities is emerging in many countries. Holding international tournaments on their territory contributes to the rapid development of related businesses: hotel businesses, small cyber-clubs, regional community organizers, etc.

eSports as part of the educational program. An interesting trend is observed in Ukraine. Since 2020 cybersport is recognized in the country as an official sport. In this regard, many state universities introduce thematic academic disciplines.

Cryptocurrency Rise

Online Betting

Given the legislative changes in many countries and betting limits tightening, bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrency, has every chance of becoming the main means of payment at gaming sites. 

The popularity of digital currency is due to the following factors:

  • absence of restrictions on transactions;
  • guarantees of anonymity of participants of operation;
  • high level of security of transfers;
  • calculations without a binding to the rate of fiat currencies;
  • possibility of betting in the regions where iGambling is forbidden.

Fashion On Exotic Bets 

The number of non-standard bets is rapidly growing because of the cancellation of traditional sports events. In the field of online betting, bets have appeared:

  • on events from show business, the film industry and the music market;
  • weather forecasts;
  • stock exchange quotations;
  • political events and even the date of the end of the world (!).
Posted on June 2, 2022 in Esports Betting by Adam Weeks

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